About Blufish Designs

A few words about us...

In 2006 A Coastal Cottage was born...

to help everyday homeowners furnish a beach house that perfectly blends the charm of your favorite coastal getaways with modern-day uniqueness and top craftsmanship. If you harbor a passion for life on the water, A Coastal Cottage offers you decorating ideas that bring a breath of the shore inside your home.

Our furniture and accessories are created right here in the U.S.A. Each piece that is put into production is hand made, carefully manufactured with detail and precision. We produce American-made home furnishings with creative designs at exceptional value that best represent our expectations for beauty, quality & originality for todays style-savvy consumer.

A Coastal Cottage perfectly marries style & durability with tranquility & beauty. Our tasteful style is enduring and allows you to have fun and to be expressive with your home. Our seaside and beach inspired products and accessories layer a variety of blues and greens on painted furniture to provide depth and visual interest. Mix and match colors, finishes and styles, or carry a single theme from room to room to create a look thats distinctly your own.

We take into the account all the opinions, feedback and suggestions that friends, family and our favorite customers have offered over the years. Together, we have created a collection of furniture inspired by the casual, carefree and diverse lifestyles of Americas coasts. Mix and match colors, finishes and styles, or carry a single theme from room to room. Coastal Living offers so many choices you can create your own signature coastal style.

A Coastal Cottage also strives to find ways to be more eco-friendly in an increasingly environmentally conscious world by offering products in their natural state and manufacturing furniture made with recycled materials or sustainable resources.